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Retail network of pet products "Le'Murrr" in St. Petersburg is a partner of the company    Ivanko, founded in May 1996 and specializing in import, wholesale and manufacturing    goods for animals. The development of the Le'Murrr chain of zohomarkets began in 1997 with the discovery    a small department of pet products in one of the shops in the city of Kolpino (Leningrad region).    Initially, the network positioned its own pet stores as small functional format stores.    "At home" stall type. The area of ​​stores averaged no more than 50 square meters. m .    For a long time, the stores were scattered and did not have a single name, but in 2005 all the zoo-markets    the networks united under the general style and sonorous name “Le'Murrr”. In 2005, the first    supermarket chain. 2010 was marked by the grand opening of a huge pet supermarket,    which area is 1100 sq.m. This event is significant not only within the company, it gave    the impetus for the development of a new milestone for zooraleil in St. Petersburg. To date, a network of pet stores    Le'Murrr is one of the largest Russian specialized networks. The name "Le'Murrr" unites    130 pet stores in 40 cities of Russia. And despite the difference in formats and geographical location    zoomarkets, they are all bound by common standards: the most current and wide range,    guaranteed high quality products, competitive prices, a variety of special promotional and    seasonal offers, convenient location, friendly and qualified sellers,    always ready to provide professional advice. And most importantly, the network of zoo-shops "Le'Murrr" -    this is a group of people who love their job and they really enjoy helping people take care    about pets!